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Founder’s Profile

“I must launch out my boat…

Do you not feel a thrill passing through the air

with the notes of the far-away song

floating from the other shore?”

---Rabindranath Tagore

Sanjeev Kumar is the founder of the initiative Kontinuum Research. He was born in Jamshedpur in February, 1982. He attended Ram Krishna Mission School during his early days, and then moved to Jamshedpur Public School to complete CBSE based AISSE and AISSCE in 1998 and 2000 respectively. He was awarded the Tata-Hitachi scholarship in 1996, and was awarded in Children Science Congress in 1998 for a team project on “Forest and Vegetation” for problem-solving by natural observation and research. He attended Banaras Hindu University and All India Institute of Medical Science, Delhi for his bachelors and masters studies, and graduated in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

He also attended IIT Delhi and Ohio State University’s India program with ITM for gaining expertise in advanced research methodology and financial economics, respectively. He was also the recipient of fellowships from ICAR, DBT and CSIR during his studies at BHU, AIIMS and IIT Delhi. He was selected in all research fellowship examinations like DBT, ICMR, GATE, CSIR and represented AIIMS and IIT Delhi in highly prestigious SPM Fellowship examination in 2007 and 2008, but failed to win.

He was introduced to the idea of “Research leading to Innovation and Entrepreneurship” during the first meeting session for the start of the initiative Stanford India Biodesign at IIT Delhi. In subsequent years, he gained considerable experience in working at corporates and small businesses during 2009-2015. At Pfizer, he was associated with Asia Strategy division trying to understand the business environmental dynamics of Asia with respect to India. He worked on various projects such as India’s rural healthcare and the pilot launch of mobile health. He worked out various designs as Patient Centricity Model, Rural Healthcare 4P Model, Integrated Rural Healthcare Model, Profitability and Sustainability Model, Mobile Health Management Flow, SBTI (W) Model and the dynamic structure for Mobile Health etc. For RPG Enterprises, while working on their Latin American foray project and Africa Business, he worked out DEEP strategy and Innovator’s Advantage Dilution Model. For his submitted work, he was invited to Asia Strategy Forum in 2011. He understands well that not all models would work, but simultaneously believes that scientifically designed models do work, sufficiently well enough to design a strategy for further action. His associated team efforts at the small businesses lead to recognition in the form of awards by national level organizations in New Delhi in 2012 and 2015 respectively. He was also associated with Harvard Medical School’s Global EMR Project initiative in 2013. Despite numerous failings leading to a condensed state of learning, over the last 15 years of intense study, research and ground training during 2001-2016, he learnt many, and mastered quite a few of the disciplines where he had ventured like life sciences, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, agriculture, financial economics and business management.

He reads a lot, writes at times, and sometimes finds himself engulfed in the thoughts of space-time. He believes in the philosophy of sustainable impact, and for that he seeks inspiration from nature, poetries, photography and music.

Lastly, he thanks all the people who visited this website. If you find him viable enough to support or a feedback, he could be contacted at :-
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